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Hello everyone. My name is Qipu Li. I am from China and have been in New York for almost two years. I gradually got used to life here. I think New York is different from my city. There is some delicious food, beautiful views and outstanding architecture. My major is psychology, but I don’t think my career will be a psychologist. I like acupuncture and I will learn it. It’s amazing, just use some needles to relieve the patient’s pain. However, the most basic problem is that my English is too bad. I spent a lot of time, but it is still not good. Um, I continue to work hard. I am confident that my English will be best one day.  This is me. 

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Hello everyone, my name is Estefania Jaquez,

I am from the Dominican Republic. I am 22 years old and I have been living here in America for 5 years. I started college in September 2017 at LaGuardia Community College which means that I have been studying at LaGuardia for 3 years. My major is Psychology and this is my last semester. Now, I am working and studying at the time but my favorite hobby is cooking. I am always watching videos of food and how to cook different things. 

 When I was a child I lived with my grandparents from my mother’s side in a town called Esperanza in the Dominican Republic . Then when I was 15 years old I moved to live with my mother in Santiago (city) because I was about to travel to America and she wanted to spend some time with me before I came here. I lived with her for like one year and a half before I came here. I came  here to the United States when I was 16 years old, almost 17 years old. I went to high school here for 2 years, and then in 2017 I started college.

Right now I am just focusing on my classes and working in a part time job. This is my last semester at LaGuardia Community College and  I am very excited about what I am going to learn this semester in my classes and hoping to do well to get good grades. 

In my future I would like to have my career done with a good job, and a beautiful family,  then get my own house and continue to achieve important goals in my life.



Hello to all of you!
My name is Tereza Koniakovska – Bors, and I am thirty-five years old. I am originally from Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, but I live in New York in Astoria for five years now. My major is Fine Arts and Design studies. My hobbies are photography, sights in general, and wisdom and teaching of indigenous people of South America about live. I am happy to take another class of English with professor Fess.

Hey Everyone!

My name is Bryan Mendoza, and I’m a freshman student (so 18yrs old) at Laguardia Community College, my major is Nutrition and Culinary Management, as I want become a pastry chef in the future. A few things about myself are that, I enjoy playing video games, watching cooking videos, reading (mostly graphic novels), and listening to music, I’m not all that interesting, Also these are three of my all time favorite songs:

Hello everyone

Hello everyone!

My name is Karen Hernandez, my major is Secondary Education in Liberal Arts in Social Science and humanities. I have a 4 year old that started school this year and he was exited until he found out there is homework so here i am being a good role model for him.

i enjoy going to museums and learning about different cultures, events that happened way before I was even born. In the summer i got on road trips with my family to discover hidden rivers, lakes, waterfalls around New York, or new activities to do around nature.

Waleed Shah’s Introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Waleed Shah. Currently, I am an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science about to start their 2nd semester at LaGuardia Community College.

I think coding is a good fit for me, which is why I plan on making it into a long term career. In my free time, I like to listen to music and play video games while hanging out with my friends (which doesn’t really happen as much right now)


Hi guys , my name is Riden Pradhan. I’m from Nepal and living in New York for 7 years. I’m hoping to get my associate degree in Computer Science this semester. In my free time i usually play soccer, watch anime and play video games. I hope i will be able to graduate from lagcc and have a wonderful time with everyone this semester.


Hi everyone, my name is Ritika Juneja and I am a freshman in Laguardia Community College. I took English 101 in High school which is why I am taking English 102 now. I am majoring in Early Childhood education and my goal is to teach 1st graders. I was inspired to become a teacher from my elementary teacher. My hobbies are cooking, drawing, hanging out with my friends, and playing games. I look forward to learn a lot in this class! Thank you.


   Hello everyone! Nice to meet all of you. My name is Hagar Seddik. I have been living in New York since 2019 with my husband. Our families live in Egypt where we are from. Also, I finished my high school in Egypt and one year at the Faculty of Arts English department. Unfortunately, I left my college three years ago and stopped studying all this time. But now, I am happy that I can study again. I started at Laguardia last summer as a non degree student, then I became a degree student this semester. My major is physical science Chemistry track. I write short stories in my  native language, writing in Arabic is the thing I love the most. I want to learn English to communicate with others and to improve my English language. I hope we will have a beautiful time in this class.

Stay safe.


Nice to meet you! My name is Lily, I am currently studying Business Administration at La Guardia. I used to spend most of my time going to concerts, but now I am usually on Spotify looking for new music to listen to. I love R&B, Pop, and Punk, but I’ll give pretty much anything a shot. I was recently laid off due to the pandemic but was fortunate enough to be able to use it as an opportunity to finish my degree. I should be finished by the time it is safe to travel again, and I hope to have enough money saved by then to do some sightseeing before going back to a traditional 9-5 work environment.

Introduction for Saikou Bah

Hi everyone,

My name is Saikou Sounounou Bah, I am from Guinea that is in the west Africa. I have been living in United States  since 2015. I am a Laguardia student and my major is business administration. I find New York as a very interesting place to live because of its diversity and the opportunity of experiencing different cultures. I am a hard working person who likes reading and improve my knowledge in many aspects, for me education is one of the most important key to success. For most of us it not easy to study and work at the same time but it is essential for me  to build a better future.