Hello everyone. My name is Qipu Li. I am from China and have been in New York for almost two years. I gradually got used to life here. I think New York is different from my city. There is some delicious food, beautiful views and outstanding architecture. My major is psychology, but I don’t think my career will be a psychologist. I like acupuncture and I will learn it. It’s amazing, just use some needles to relieve the patient’s pain. However, the most basic problem is that my English is too bad. I spent a lot of time, but it is still not good. Um, I continue to work hard. I am confident that my English will be best one day.  This is me. 

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  1. Tongxi Li

    Hello Qibu, looks like we both face a challenge of learning English, but that is ok, once we started learning English, we knew we would be fluent one day. Hope you can achieve your goal.


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