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“What is literature and does it matter?”

  1. After reading chapter 2 “What is literature and does it matter?” by Jonathan Culler. I think the main important part is not to judge the difference within non-literature and literature. I think that literature is the improvement of what people think. When I read this chapter I found the most important part which was the Culler mentions that “we can think of literary works as a language with particular properties or feature, and we can think of literature as the product of conventions and a certain kind of attention.” Culler discusses here that what makes readers treat literature in a special site, also we might lose a lot of the culture without literature. I believe that non-literature texts are kind of easier of reader to easily understand what is the texts about. On the other side literary text includes searching for ideas etc. which is totally different. I think we don’t need to complected our life, what we have to do that we need to choose how easily we can gain knowledge and understand everything. I think we must learn both literature and non-literary text to analyze when we need it. So, I think it will help us to develop our language barrier and improve analyzing. Also, we can gain knowledge to deal with literary and non-literary which can help us to better understand everything.
  2. Now, a question that stayed with me as I read this chapter was ” What is necessary to judge between literary and non-literary?” also, “What is the importance between literary and non-literary for human life?”

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    Indeed, I agree with your point. Literary work is a special version to gain knowledge and express something, however, non-literary is still needed as well in our life. We definitely need both!


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