Prompt #1 Responce.

If I were asked how I would define literature, I’d say it is a body of written work on a particular subject to reach out to certain audiences. In the article ” What Is Literature And Does It Matter” by Jonathan Culler, the author brought up some interesting points regarding how the ways people studied literature in the past and now are different. Different in how students study literary works, students used to just memorize and learn the grammatical structures of set books or written pieces. Whilst students now interpret readings for a better comprehension and to form their own opinions on it. By the end of reading a novel or article w’ed form thoughts and theories of our own to form discussions, I think that literature can be a domino effect to other forms of literature and that is one of the main reasons why literature matters. It is important to think about definitions of literature because you can learn to appreciate authors more, they have a way with words that makes you question the most simple things forming complex thought.

One question that stayed with me whilst reading Culler’s article is:
Can you really tell someone that their body of written work is not literature just because it wasn’t written in the way you’re accustomed to?

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