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After I read “In the a raisin in the sun,” than I expect that before the presence of character describes the social environment of the development, where some of the main characters live and describe the realities of some of the main characters in the environment. Who want to live in the old, crowded houses and poor quality life, every characters wants a wonderful life to live. They work hard to improve racist traps and improve their life style. Every character of this story is featured in the same character, but the message is also shared in different language, work and values. Welted wanted to become rich. On the other hand, her sister, dreamt of being a smart doctor. She has a different values from her family. She fighting a lot to face her identity and condition, also she wants to change the status through her own efforts. “Lena” is their mother and she is a conservative person. She hopes to buy her husband’s precious insurance to buy a dream house, and own her dream is come true. However, all of the above is a goal with which to improve the quality of their lives and life. The author shares their thoughts, conversations and feelings that highlight small details and feelings that reflect the author’s attitude, how they want to express the author.

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