Literature is various components of the text that are brought into complex relation. It grabs readers attention. Literary work is a linguistic event which includes speakers, actors, events and an implied audience. Speakers have reactions between authors, what authors think always matters of interpretation. Literature is an ideological instrument to set stories that seduce readers into accepting the hierarchical arrangements of society. The culler defines Literature from the angle of it. Culler mentioned in the article , the literary work is a linguistic event which projects a fictional world that includes speakers, actors, events and implied audiences. Fiction literature gives us a chance to interpret events according to our imagination. Fictional literary work is not limited to the time at which work is written. It depends on the time in the work that the story revolves. 

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  1. Avinash Mudwari

    I agree that literature bring attention to our time it connects us to and it is important for us to imagine ourselves in the situations of the stories or poem, plus we could develop our lives and even our emotional experience.

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