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  1. After I read chapter II  what is literature and does it matter? from Jonathan Culler. For me, I think the important thing is not to define the difference between literature and non-literature. I think they all work as language tools to record and express people’s thoughts so the most important aspect of this section was the  Culler mentions literature “ the function in special ways because of the special attention they receive.” Culler discusses what makes readers treat literature in a special site. I think non-literature texts are easier for readers to understand and read. Whether in school or in life we learn most about non-literature texts. Universities choose non-literature texts to explain philosophy, historicity, instrumentation, and commodity. I don’t think we must choose any particular learning style. What we need is how to master knowledge and understanding more easily. I think we need to analyze when we need to use literature and when we need to use non-literature. I think just like Culler mentioned literature makes people ponder and query about certain things so I think literature is much more compelling in particular speeches and citations. Thus we can deal with both literary and non-literary work to gain information.                   


2. The question that stays with me as I read this chapter was, “What kind of essential to define whether it is literary or non-literary?”

7 thoughts on “Blog Post Prompt #1

  1. Xu Ye

    Hi Ana! I totally agree with your opinion about non-literary works. There should not be prejudice against non-literary. Nowadays, non-literary and literary works can be studied together and in similar ways. And in reality, compared to literary works, the predominant texts we see are non-literary since they are more easier to understand.

  2. Jinde Piao

    I think literature is defined by whether words are given emotions or thoughts.When the author has some connection with the reader, the author’s emotion will be continued by the reader.I think it would be called literature.

  3. Yanery

    Hello Ana, I agree with you when you say that you don’t think we must choose a particular learning style. I think one of the most important things is the knowledge we can gain, no matter if it is from literature or non-literature works. I also agree when you say we need to analyze them. I think we should know how to identify literature and non-literature works, especially when doing “writings”


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